Virtual Museum

Culture in VR / Kaihua Temple / Corporation with ZREALITY GmbH / Prof. Matthias Pfaff / Julia Just, Marcel Adam, Alexander Becker, Carl Lennart Brötz

Chinese culture has a fascination for many people interested in culture and history. Unfortunately, many cultural assets cannot be experienced live due to logistical barriers or the sights are lost over time.

The goal of the project was to develop a technology that would enable a digital reconstruction of a historical Chinese temple from the Song Dynasty. The cultural and artistic aspects of the antique memorial should be presented in an appropriate way and the history should be made accessible to the users.

In cooperation with the University of Kaiserslautern and several Chinese companies, a virtual reconstruction of the Kaihua Temple was carried out. With the help of the VR glasses, it is thus possible to move freely in the three-dimensional virtual reconstruction, explore the temple and interact with other users. In addition, holograms explaining the history of the items can appear in front of the users. The magnificent frescoes that cover the interior walls of the temple in particular were depicted in a true-to-life manner and fascinate the visitors. The special digital reconstruction was also presented to the visitors as part of the official German-Chinese cultural programme 2017 during the long Night of Culture in Kaiserslautern.