VR Coaster

In early 2014, Prof. Dipl.-Des. Thomas Wagner and a daring group of Virtual Design students started a ground-breaking research project with renowned rollercoaster manufacturer Mack Rides and Europa-Park: By using VR headsets on real rollercoasters, a totally new kind of experience and attraction was born.

A precise synchronization between the virtual and the real ride allows for the only VR setup that does not induce nausea. More so, the combination of real airtime (zero gravity moments) and g-forces with a simulated ride turned out to be an absolutely amazing experience! In 2015, VR Coaster GmbH & Co. KG has been founded and is already the leading provider of VR for ride facilities. With over 65 equipped attractions in more than 40 parks worldwide, they are pioneers who have changed the face of the entire theme park industry.