Prof. Christian CJ Schmachtenberg

Professor of Experience Design

Prof. Christian Schmachtenberg started his career with a unique approach to design spatial experiences. Creating narratives, journeys and accessible content is his passion and has informed his work over throughout his career. Prof. Schmachtenberg studied Communication Design in Maastricht, Melbourne and Düsseldorf and majored in Experience Design. At university he researched new formats and their ability to connect virtual elements with real life experiences. His creative direction for Totems (Amsterdam/Stuttgart), Jung von Matt (Cologne) and MDLab/cheil (Munich/Seoul) have been impactful and trendsetting in the industry. Christian utilises his multidisciplinary skills while researching and implementing new ways of storytelling in communication and architecture. In the past he fostered memorable experiences for global brands such as Samsung, Nikon, Singapore, Germany and other renowned clientele.