Prof. Matthias Pfaff

Professor of Virtual Design

Prof. Dipl.-Ing Matthias Pfaff studied interior design and founded the virtual photography studio pixellab right after. He is also Co-Founder of ZREALITY and Urbantimetravel, two VR/AR experience companies based in Kaiserlautern and Luxembourg. As a specialist for virtual environments and 3D design he became professor of Virtual Design at the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern. Prof. Matthias Pfaff is an internationally renown expert and innovator in the field of Virtual Reality and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and is widely asked as one of very few university researchers in the field of virtual photography. He gives lectures at trade fairs, congresses and universities (e.g. the master class by Prof. Andreas Gursky). In addition he is a permanent keynote speaker one of the most prestigious design colleges in China. Prof. Pfaff is member of the Art Directors Club of Germany.